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Brad Garrett is a renowned investigator who has handled some of the country’s most significant criminal cases of the past 20 years. He takes pride in his personal, hands-on approach to investigations. He has developed interpersonal, intellectual and investigative skills to render a comprehensive analysis of witnesses, crime scenes and personalities. He has acquired a degree of judgment that can only be obtained by investigating complex, high-profile and emotionally intense cases. He has consulted nationally and internationally on numerous homicide and sexual assault cases. In addition to over 30 years of experience, Mr. Garrett has a PhD in Criminology from the University of Louisville. He has dealt extensively with reporters and media outlets.

Threat Assessment

  • Determining the type of threat, the motive, identifying the sender and the likelihood the threat will occur.
  • This would include stalking and extortion issues.
  • Developing a response plan as well as the appropriate intervention – security consultation, law enforcement involvement.
  • This would include inappropriate or anonymous communications.
  • The intrusion of threatening or inappropriate communication can invade your every aspect of your life. BGI will assess the threat and recommend appropriate action.

Client and employee negotiation

  • Improving communication between management and a client or an employee.

Sometimes it is baffling to determine why an employee is being difficult or a client is not receptive. This can result in a loss in productivity and business. BGI will help figure out what is the root cause of the problem which many times has nothing to do with the company but a personal issue of the employee/client. We will determine the cause of the problem and develop strategies to facilitate improved employee/client communication.

Evaluating interviews or statements

Determining what a person is really saying is critical in order to develop further steps in an investigation or business negotiation. The words used by an individual and the order in which they use these words can unlock the real meaning of their statements. BGI can help provide critical information for companies and attorneys.

Crisis consultation

  • Helping companies who have employees held for ransom.
  • Working with individuals (family members, attorneys) who may have exhausted law enforcement services.
  • BGI will develop strategies to locate missing individuals and possible return of the person.

Analyzing crime scenes

  • Reviewing the scene to determine what really happened, who may have committed the act and what investigative steps should follow after review.

Investigating unsolved homicides/sexual assaults

  • Thorough review of the case to include re-interviewing key individuals.
  • Developing offender’s motivation.
  • Analyzing the crime scene as well as detailed timeline of the victim’s activities.
  • Working with law enforcement to resolve the case.

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